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And, he’s working on virtual cooking classes down the road that will be paired with a “market basket” of ingredients to prep at home. For $99, Greg gives pickle chips and chicken rolls as starters to about 15 pounds of meat brisket, chicken, rib tips, pulled pork and sides like sauted corn , fries and corn bread. Add another person for $20 more which means another pound and a half of food..

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Good that things are getting better, but from the beginning, we feel like it should have just been recommendations and that there shouldn have been government pressure to close things down, Meyers said. Example, the restaurants, we felt like restaurants should have been able to stay open if they chose to and the people could choose whether or not they want to go out to eat. Felt like Utah was too heavy handed in comparison to other states, citing the state of South Dakota response to the pandemic.

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The Arsenal academy graduate has been tipped to leave Newcastle and return to London on a couple of occasions but he has remained in the northeast. There was a clamour for him to be included in England’s World Cup squad in 2018 following an impressive season but Gareth Southgate elected not to pick him. This season, the Ghanaian has provided three league assists despite starting only six times.

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