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Because at that Olympics, the Nigerian youth team won the gold in one fell swoop, and there were powerful Brazil and Argentina Olympic teams on the way to winning the championship. The national team ca n have any commercials printed on the chest, but in order to let more people know, Nigeria decided to print the name of the national team on the chest, so the large Nigeria and Eagle logos have become the biggest highlights of Nigeria jerseys in those years. Similarly, the jerseys of this World Cup are also considered by many fans to be the most unique and highly recognizable.

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Some of the fans who stood for hours in the hot August sun say they were compelled to come to the memorial service because they had met Stringer in person. Josh Summer says he’s met Stringer at past training camps in Mankato. Summer, wearing a white and purple jersey with Stringer’s name and number 77, says the big offensive lineman was unique because he was approachable and down to earth..

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