We fantasise about other girls whilst having intercourse with my man… the straight women that confess to trick lesbian desires

We fantasise about other girls whilst having intercourse with my man… the straight women that confess to trick lesbian desires

Both these article writers have been in severe relationships with guys, but can not assist lusting after females.

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  • 2 Might 2019, 8:28
  • Updated: 23 Might 2019, 17:51

ONE FOURTH of Uk women have actually fantasised about intercourse with an other woman.

The info, from a report of 3,129 women by viewpoint consultant Joe Twyman, revealed 24 percent of females fantasised in regards to a same-sex romp – but just nine percent had really acted with this.

Right right Here, two 100% straight ladies share their key lesbian desires.

I believe about girls whilst having intercourse with my guy

Tracy Kiss, 31, is from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. She’s in a relationship with long-lasting boyfriend Freddie. She states:

Growing up I happened to be a timid and peaceful tomboy. I happened to be a belated designer and didn’t begin precisely dating until I became 16.

We knew I became directly, exactly what confused me was simply how much We admired another woman or woman’s human body.

My mates would giggle into the toilets they practised boys that are kissing snogging one another.

Viewing them, i discovered myself fantasising about kissing girls. I happened to be just a little confused and shocked that We felt stimulated because of it.

Then whenever I ended up being 16 a girl that is gorgeous past me personally. She possessed a bikini bra top on and curves being sexy i discovered myself thinking she ended up being hot.

At a regional disco she along with her boyfriend did an attractive sluggish party and I also discovered myself getting fired up. She had been therefore sexy and confident.

At a neighborhood disco she and her boyfriend did an attractive sluggish party and I also discovered myself getting fired up.

Viewing her boyfriend snog ended up being like viewing an excellent porn that is cool without having the complete intercourse. That’s when I experienced my first genuine intimate fantasy about a girl.

I admired her self- self- confidence, her body that is great and method she owned her sex. Nonetheless, we kept my ‘girl love’ fantasy to myself.

It has today when I was teenager the gay and lesbian community was still battling for mainstream recognition and the concept of love being love with a different gender didn’t have the respect.

I happened to be additionally confused myself I was straight but did having a girl fantasy mean I was bisexual– I knew? Made it happen suggest I happened to be a lesbian wanting to be directly?

We kept my dreams to myself and decided to secretly enjoy my lust when it comes to feminine type.

On the next couple of years female lust to my brushes increased.

I’d experience an attractive girl in an advert and wonder exactly exactly what it will be choose to have sexual intercourse along with her.

I’ve kissed a lady once I was solitary and I also told Freddy we met, but nothing else happened about it when.

He knows that I’m a person that is passionate knows exactly just exactly exactly how girls kissing is a lot more of the mutual love thing as opposed to changing sex.

Whilst girls are mild and guys that are tender more rough and principal. He comprehended why I happened to be attracted and curious to many other ladies and it is really accepting.

You’ll find nothing wrong with fantasising about another girl, you could be astonished at only just exactly how good your sexual climaxes will likely be

We don’t give consideration to myself become bisexual, but more you find attractive regardless of gender so you feel attracted to whoever.

I’d be changing at the gym so when ladies have a tendency to wander around naked I’d find myself admiring a girl’s sweaty boobs or bottom that is well-toned.

Through the night clubs with every person putting on pretty bra tops and brief skirts perspiring and gyrating to music i came across myself being switched on not only by my boyfriend but feminine strangers dancing nearby.

Sometimes we have therefore fired up I’d grab my boyfriend and push him right into a lavatory for quick intercourse taking into consideration the sexy girls dancing outside.

I experienced my very first kid at 20, Molly, now 11, and my 2nd youngster, Gabriel, now seven.

Carrying a child, breast eating and birth that is giving me appreciate the feminine type more,

In addition it made me realise having dreams about women or men had been normal.

Women’s systems are perfect even though sex with males is my thing, having a fantasy about kissing and touching another women’s boobs made the intercourse with males also hotter.

As soon as I’d my kiddies we proceeded human body change campaign.

We began visiting the gym, practising yoga and consuming vegan.

I needed the hot and muscled human body associated with the females I experienced lusted after in my own teenagers.

And I also realised precisely how healthier my woman on woman fantasises had been. We felt free and liberated.

We don’t understand any girl which hasn’t hadn’t a fantasy that is secret kissing or pressing another woman. It’s the forbidden good fresh fresh good fresh good fresh fruit of the dream which makes it hot.


There’s nothing wrong with fantasising about another woman… you could be amazed at only just just how good your sexual climaxes is going to be.

I have fired up by lesbian erotica

Rebecca Reid, 28, is really an author from London. This woman is hitched. She claims:

For quite some time we thought there clearly was something very wrong beside me because we fantasised about making love with ladies – also viewing women-on-women porn.

A 2014 research from Pornhub in to the habits of feminine users unearthed that the number 1 many search that is popular for ladies to get into a porn web web web site is ‘lesbian’, despite the fact that just 1.5% associated with the UK’s feminine population identifies as gay or lesbian.

Meaning that a lot of right ladies, exactly like me, are viewing porn that is lesbian.

My fascination with females were only available in my teens that are late soon after we left college. I did son’t like to date females, and I also definitely couldn’t imagine having a relationship that is long-term one. But i did so wish to have intercourse using them

I experienced kissed feminine buddies at events – mostly for show, and not felt such a thing so I thought I was straight for them.

But I find the idea of having sex with a fictional woman so appealing if I was straight, why did?

In the first place my fantasies had been restricted to women that are hypothetical.

Once I masturbated I would personally imagine having a threesome with a person and a female. However progressed to reading lesbian erotica, or viewing lesbian porn.

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