Time right for tanami road sealing says wa senator

Time right for tanami road sealing says wa senator. | Twitter: @tashilohsen

Sen. Tomi Okada, a former member of the Okinawa Governor’s office and chairwoman of a recent panel on urban planning on Okinawa, voiced her support for the idea of removing road sealing from the islands by adding more green roofs.

“In the case of concrete, asphalt, t우리카지노rees, etc., it’s a pretty good thing to do,” Okada said in an e-mail interview.

The panel’s chief researcher, Yoshitoki Muto, said the proposal would require the federal government’s consent, but did not rule out it.

“The government would decide on such an amendment. The government would certainly think about it first,” Muto told The Japan Times on Monday.

The idea for green roofs and a green road seal originated in Okinawa, b더킹카지노ut the concept gained popularity more than a decade ago when a traffic policeman was killed on Okinawa’s northern islands by a vehicle driven by a woman, according to reports on the islands.

Road sealing was one of the first major changes brought by U.S. President George H. W. Bush’s administration as part of the peacekeepjarvees.coming operation in the northern Okinawa prefecture. The idea for road sealing on Okinawa came later, in the 1970s.