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Designed to work on all computers and mobile devices, the upgraded site now features a slideshow of new, promoting events, physicians and news stories.There are three tabs that visitors can use to find Events and tab features a top story of the day and a list of recent NorthBay headlines, as well as a quick link to the news section.The tab shows readers a snippet of the latest entry in each blog collection with links.The Healthcare Insider blog, written by our President and CEO Gary Passama, continues to be one of the most visited spots on the site, as well as the physician search and job pages.Blue buttons on the right hand side make it easy for visitors to find a doctor, a location, manage their health online, find a career, donate, volunteer or make an appointment.A red button at the top of the home page will lead to three quick access points:InQuicker online check in at NorthBay VacaValley Hospital;A quick reference of numbers for call for appointments; andMyNorthBayDoc patient portal, which is the easiest way for patients to make or cancel appointments, check on lab results or view medical records.There’s also a quick MyNorthBayDoc login right off the home page, from the bottom blue button on the right hand side. All about making the web experience convenient, useful and engaging for visitors, said Sarah Jewel, director of Business Development, who has steered the project from its inception. Want to provide all the information they cheap jerseys need so they can make an informed choice and select NorthBay.

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