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When he was 6, his beloved father died. A year later, to the day, a truck ran a stop light and killed his older brother as he was riding his bike home from school. With admiration, Cofi relates watching his mom, now a widow and single parent, deal with all this adversity alone.

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Wasn alone. For all those who spoke Tuesday, all those who painted wondrous picture with words of who Terry Trafford was and why his life was so important, no one could really explain what happened. No one could explain how this young man, so funny, so full of mischief and pranks, so blazingly fast on the ice, so beloved, so full of friends, so loved by many and always, said Payne, a smile he could make you laugh in a split second would then take his own life..

Grilled Fingerling Potatoes. A manageable one pound of small potatoes serves four or, again, just me. They’re simply tossed with garlic butter, or you can use them as the base for your own potato salad. This kind of marketing is described as virtue signalling, usually relying on controversy to generate revenue. Nandy further says, form of advertising has led to the destruction of multiplicity of opinions. The emphasis is not on understanding, but on taking a stand.

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