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That wasn’t all that happened. Not even close. Because along with Cristobal in the news conference were his two young sons, Rocco, 8, and Matteo, 9. Yan is a photographer, and I am a comic book artist. We had been in the United States on an artists’ residency. On our third attempt to get home, after canceled flights and closed borders, we flew here from New York via Seoul at the end of March.

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He’s the only National remaining who dressed in the dank home locker room at RFK Stadium, who endured all the losing that begot this run of five playoff appearances in eight seasons. I remember sitting on the bench in the home dugout at RFK one day in September 2005, the month the Nats called up Zimmerman as a 20 year old. Nick Johnson, the former Nats first baseman, sat next to me..

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Meanwhile, wary consumers are saving their money, which will depress demand. And global trade networks and supply chains will remain in shambles for some time as the pandemic reverberates around the world. Meanwhile, although the pace of unemployment claims has slowed slightly, millions of Americans continue to lose their jobs..

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