Steelers were much less sure about the penalties on

Sale, who missed the final six weeks of last season with elbow inflammation, entered spring training with no arm pain but was delayed in his progression due to a battle with pneumonia in mid February. After facing hitters for the first time in six months during a March 1 live batting practice session , Sale felt a recurrence of pain in his elbow and underwent an MRI that determined he had a flexor strain. Four days after the session, the Sox announced Sale would avoid surgery and that doctors had recommended a 10 14 day shutdown period before Sale resumed throwing..

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NIST selected an independent panel of expert judges who narrowed the list down to five finalists, each awarded $250,000 and a year of development time to enhance their materials. To support the finalist’s development efforts, NIST established a dedicated testing facility to provide a common measure of the materials’ performance. Each team submitted refined materials to NIST for testing at several points during the year, and NIST test data was provided back to them as feedback to modify their materials toward improved performance..

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