Some of them do ask for a donation to keep their

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2. He also points out that as technician jobs evolve to accommodate changes in automotive technology, “Often, techs are becoming more like hardware engineers and that sort of job appeals to a certain kind of person,” Robinson says. “Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, connected cars all these create a whole new category of service and repair.

It’s fun and it gets the blood flowing,” she says. “I had my eye on it before the whole pandemic hit. When I started working from home, I knew I had to get it.”. There is nothing wrong with looking at more than one product or program. It is good to keep your options open so that something you go ahead and try don’t have to be your final choice just in case you are not satisfied with it. With choices you get a chance to see all of the benefits of the products or programs and find out which one will work for you the best.

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