She is survived by her husband of 78 years; sister

“It’s one of my girl’s birthdays tomorrow. And when I say my girl, I mean Demi Lovato. It’s Demi’s birthday tomorrow and she’s always been so supportive and so cool,” Clarkson told the crowd. She is survived by her husband of 78 years; sister, Barbara Otis; daughter, Terry Dooley (Michael); son, Bruce Pettit (Patty); three grandchildren, Joshua Pettit (Carrie), Alecia Goode (John), Chad Dooley; and, three great grandchildren, Jackson, Jeffrey and Joseph Pettit; and lots of nieces and nephews. A special thank you to mom and dad’s “angel”, Jan, who has helped so much these past years! Our mom loved entertaining neighbors, all the needle arts (lots of afghans in our homes), cooking, gardening, her family, and friends. She was involved in garden clubs, home maker clubs, bridge clubs, annual Christmas cookie bakes at church, and others.

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