Real tailgaters at Soldier Field like Tim Shanley

I think in the future, tiny houses will just be more and more common. People are becoming more aware of what’s important wholesale nfl jerseys from china , and of efficient living. I think these houses fall into that quite well.”. Forget the deep dish pizza and the Chicago style hot dogs. Real tailgaters at Soldier Field like Tim Shanley, who runs Da Bus, an actual converted bus that feeds up to 400 fans know that the party isn’t complete without a Chicago beef sandwich. “We put an interesting ‘spin’ on the sandwich,” says Shanley, acting coy before explaining that they buy an 800 pound cow and throw it on a custom rotisserie.

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Kavadas wrote about his abuse and how it shaped his life as part of a writing workshop when he was incarcerated in the Hamilton County Justice Center. Now his work is among 40 poems, essays and drawings on display as part of an exhibit called “Unbound.” The exhibit of work by men and women who have experienced incarceration runs through Jan. 31 at The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, located at Eighth and Vine streets Downtown..

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