Pilot doing paperwork during near midflight —

Pilot doing paperwork during near midflight —

“The plane is getting ready to take off from Houston, so she’s on standby at the airfield. We’re preparing her for her flight and we’re doing all the details we can to make sure sh오바마 카지노 주소e’s OK.”

“She is at the airport with us. There is nothing unusual about this situation. She had checked into the airport, checked her flight plan, checked the plane she was going to take off from, checked her flight plan from Houston, and the planes all are in the same general configuration.”

“They just need to tell us what it is and they’ll try to get us a statement. This is normally routine for aircraft such as that.”

After the pilot finished his work, and asked for a bag of chips and salsa, he got up and started walking away.

“He didn’t seem as upset as he normally does.”

“I think his heart was pounding and he is actually not that upset. His job is to find us answers about what happened and I think if he was being a bit upset, he wouldn’t be the person he is at the moment. It’s a matter of making sure we know exactly what happened.”마카오 카지노 여행

We don’t know for sure what happened. I don’t have information about what he did after the plane went down, although I did see that there is a lot of blood and the plane went down fast, so maybe some kind of animal was involved. It’s only one of the possibilities that can be suggested and the only other one we can think of is that he went to see his friend at the hospital and when he got there, the door wasn’t locked.

“I think they told us they didn’t know whether there was anything wrong with him before we were sent there. So we can assume there wasn’t anything wrong with him and we don’t want to speculate.”


They did not release the names of the pilot and he didn’t want their full names known. But the two passengers did tell me that they didn’t believe the plane was an American jet.

It was a Canadian plane, and they didn’t know of any people on board that might have had some connection to terrorists, either local or foreign. And so it’s possible that at one point at least they bel크라운 바카라ieved the plane was something that could have been a terrorist target or some kind of aircraft hijackin