May 13, 2020 ODESSA, TX On Tuesday, May 12 the North

You have a ton of options at Omaha Steaks. It isn’t just steaks either. You can get burgers and chicken and even deserts. May 13, 2020 ODESSA, TX On Tuesday, May 12 the North American Hockey League held it’s 2020 Supplemental Draft. Each of the 27 teams had three picks with the draft order determined by the order of teams in the NAHL Entry Draft, which will be held on July 21. The Odessa Jackalopes had the 2nd overall pick along with the 29th and 47th overall picks.

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Covid times have seen different countries adopt very different liquor policies. However, none have reported a conversion to teetotalerism. Non prohibition minded US has seen $2 billion more spent on alcohol in stores since the start of March than last year.

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