“It was hard personally,” he said

The year ended with a life sentence for one convicted murderer, and four alleged killers awaiting trial in the ACT Supreme Court, with a fifth before the ACT Magistrates Court. Prosecutions over a number of workplace fatalities also hit the courts as bolstered work safety took effect. Here are the top 10 cases.

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cheap Canada Goose For the first half of 2016, councillors reportedly received 76 gifts, but only attached an estimated value for just over half of those gifts 39 for a total of $16,416. Still, that’s a vast improvement from past years when councillors failed to list any price about 90 per cent of the time.The policy, introduced in 2013, requires councillors and the mayor toreport all free event tickets, meals, mementoes or other benefits they receive worth more than $150 every six months and post the list online. It does not prevent the disclosure of gifts valued under $150.Still, many failed to disclose any amount, distorting the total and devaluing the purpose of the registry.Between 2013 and 2015, only a fraction (nine to 13 per cent) of the gifts which included such nicetiesas an iPad, gift baskets, booze and tickets to Flames games, Stampeder games, theatre performances and music festivals had any dollar figure attached.Ward 13 Coun. cheap Canada Goose

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