It then took the government almost a week to come up

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cheap nba jerseys Opinion: The Big Change In This, Modi’s Fourth Speech And WhyMihir Swarup Sharma Tuesday, April 14, 2020The Prime Minister emphasised that the decision to extend the lockdown came with the assent of indeed, one might say at the behest of state chief ministers. This follows ample publicity of his weekend meeting with Chief Ministers, as well as leaks and statements that they had asked for the extension.Opinion: The Good And Ugly Of The Government’s Economic PackageMihir Swarup Sharma Friday, March 27, 2020When Prime Minister Narendra Modi first addressed the nation on March 19, he told us that a task force would be set up to deal with the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It then took the government almost a week to come up with an economic relief package. cheap nba jerseys

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