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A mask is not a sign of submission or weakness. Wearing one sends a message that you respect others and don’t want to unknowingly make them sick. This is especially important to cashiers, store clerks, doctors, nurses, bus drivers, waiters, factory workers, hair stylists and others who come into close proximity to lots of people while doing their work..

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While Carpio added, “I know there are a lot of companies that are willing to pay for schooling and training. It’s all about speaking up and asking. And many of the times you’ll be surprised if you’re a good worker, you show up to work on time and you don’t call in.

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Jackson Leef (15th) scored a late power play goal for Brampton at 16:52 of the third period to cut the Beast deficit down to 3 2. Worcester went short handed for the third time in about a four minute span but elven seconds into the Brampton power play Barry Almeida (16th) would finish off arguably the nicest goal of the season with a spin around shot from the right dot beating Alex Dubeau to give Worcester a 4 2 lead with 2:21 to play. The Railers would come out victorious 4 2..

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