It also means the end of Autolyse bread

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Canada Goose Outlet He said the new owner had not disclosed what they intended to do with the business.It also means the end of Autolyse bread, including its famous sourdough, with the bakery closing and stopping supply to outlets across Canberra.Fittings were taken out of the Autolyse cafe in Braddon on Wednesday evening after it was closed down earlier in the day. The premises were leased; the new owner takes over assets of the business. Photo: Remnants of the Autolyse bakery outside the cafe on Wednesday evening. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose uk black friday The ACT government 2016 Climate Change Adaptation Strategyrequires the impacts of climate change to “mainstreamed” and incorporated into government, household and business practice. Dr Peter Tait, an Australian National University lecturer and general practitionerwho spent 32 years in Alice Springs, said many of his Canberra patients didn have heatwave contingency plans and that needed to change as the city experienced more periods of extreme heat. But Dr Tait said the emphasis needed to be on building heat resilience into the “fabric of society”, including enforcing heat appropriate building codes canada goose uk black friday.