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I did it four or five games, but last game I got a call. It is what is. I’m going to keep doing it.”. The target goal was to yield a unified rebirth of the consummate and most coveted Shelby Mustang Cobras from the glory days. The objective was not only accomplished, but far exceeded anyone’s expectations. It is now hailed as the most powerful factory built Mustang in history, surpassing the 1969 Mach 1 (428 Super Cobra Jet) and the classic 1969 Boss 429..

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Jeff Lynne is inexplicably absent from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (jealousy, personality conflicts, trappings of genius?). His Zoom tour in 2001 met with low ticket sales and tragically (artistically speaking) ended early. Many listeners ignored him more and more since the late 80’s, just like Beethoven was written off later in life as a deaf composer doddering about on a piano, while he wrote his 9th symphony.

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