However, despite this, there is no denying that the

Shoop, now the longtime coach at UAB, is retiring at the end of this month after nearly 40 years in the game. He has made a mark on a city and sport that will carry on into our future generations. It stings that one of the most thoughtful coaches in baseball had to announce the decision to his players on Sunday evening with, of all things, a Zoom call, but even then he found a way to send a message that will last..

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The band returned for their encore, with the audience clearly in need of just a little more having broken out, unprompted, in another chorus of “throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right.” It was a tremendous feeling of unity that had been brought about during the whole evening where Guy and the band had given a true, honest, hearts on sleeves performance that was engaging, emotional and entertaining. ‘Lippy Kids’, complete with a fantastic piano solo, highlighted just how good Elbow are with a performance of such quality you couldn’t help be taken aback. “Shall we sing for one last time? I’m dying to sing; I’m not moving a muscle ’til you’ve had me singing summut.” After making his own humorous song up about how he wanted to thank the Forestry Commission and how we should all donate part of our incomes to it Guy started about the last song of the night.

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