Hens fc may 18

Hens fc may 18.4.2012 00:08:06 #2

I thought this guy was an idiot but he has to take a break from his game for this reason.

I think he’s just not using it up to such a degree in the long run. I can understand that players like the new heroes in this game have such a big impact on their playstyle, but you can’t force your players to do so. And if I look at this meta as it stands now, I think that it’s actually easier for a player to find success with a hero like Pugna rather than a hero like LeBlanc. But as soon as that person tries playing LeBlanc, he has a lot of problems with getting kills. He’s going to get countered pretty quick and his support items might have an impact on how much he can push his payload. But if he tries LeBlanc, his heroes are too strong for him to consider playing anymore if he is facing a push.

So far I’ve gone into great detail on why LeBlanc and the other new hero types don’t fit so well in this meta. But as soon as those new heroes come out, I can’t see the meta continuing on the same track. A lot of the heroes in this meta, both new and old, are built to be squishy heroes that aren’t much good for pushing and defending their payloads. As soon as the heroes become more difficult for LeBlanc, I don’t expect that the meta will progress as rapidly as it did bef바카라ore. That is a problem.

The same problem with the hero type is happening with some of the midlane heroes, like Tinker. He’s quite weak as an early game farmer and you need him early to be viable as a carry. He still requires a farm in addition to being able to trade with you because his main ability is a strong o바카라ne but overall he is very weak as a midlane hero.

Lina is a little bit stronger than Pugna and LeBlanc together and for all intents and purposes Pugna is too strong of a hero because he can easily farm up i바카라nto more farm and carry your wave. The problem is that Pugna only has strong early game farming and LeBlanc has weaker late game farming. And both those heroes have low burst damage and no escapes. It may be that when Tinker gets in with his team, he becomes the strong midlaner hero that the other two heroes will have to deal with in an emergency o