He also didn’t talk to anyone in Alberta first

It is ALL ignored. Most people who been here for over a few years have given up filing bugs even. Because the reply is always the same: “you not the target audience”!And we all know it! We all do! Some quit when they realize it, others just begin optimizing for promotion as opposed to optimizing for what is good for the user or the company.

canada goose uk black friday Saskatchewan Transportation MinisterDave Marit declared Wednesday that all Alberta contractors working on government highway and building projects in his province will have to get a local licence plate.The new rule applies only to Albertans, Marit told reporters in Regina, because everyone else already has to pay a provincial sales tax.He also said he’s heard Saskatchewan contractors are being barred from Alberta worksites because they don’t have Wild Rose Country plates.Alberta Trade Minister Deron Bilous shot back Wednesday that Marit’s assertion was ridiculous.There is no such rule, he said, and issued an ultimatum: Roll it back within a week, or Alberta will see you in court.Article content continuedMarit acknowledged he got legal advice along those lines before he issued the directive. He also didn’t talk to anyone in Alberta first.”This is simply levelling the playing field,” Marit said.”There could be 10, 15, 20 different vehicles on a job site on a highway job. Now they’re going to have to have a Saskatchewan plate instead of an Alberta plate.”Marit said that could mean the difference for Saskatchewan contractors whose bids come in close to two or three per cent higher than those from Alberta.. canada goose uk black friday

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