Have a growing problem or that might be the new norm

Criminal justice experts say that while the number of homicides has increased across the country in recent years, the fact that it has spiked so dramatically in Albuquerque is concerningyou had three years of increases, that obviously a problem, said Christopher Herrmann, an assistant professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Have a growing problem or that might be the new norm. Increase in homicides comes amidst dramatic spikes in both violent crimes and property crimes in recent years.

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The name everyone is most concerned with, of course, is quarterback Tommy DeVito. DeVito has seen plenty of second team reps during camp, but Babers is leaning toward making senior Zack Mahoney the primary backup. This will be an especially delicate dance for the coaching staff if it indeed decides DeVito is set to redshirt..

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The Lakers, in their first game of the season, faced 19 John Carroll on Saturday. The first period was scoreless until early in the second period when Oswego got on the scoreboard first as Chris Timmons scored on a pass from freshman Andrew Schutt. The home team scored 2 goals during the second to go up 2 1.

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