Former afl west coast eagle daniel kerr pleads guilty vro breach of probation of driving offence (7/8/2014)

Former afl west coast eagle daniel kerr pleads guilty vro breach of probation of driving offence (7/8/2014)

The man charged in connection with a fatal car crash that killed his dog at a Vancouver racetrack pleaded guilty Wednesday to careless driving in an attempt to avoid a prosecution that could have forced the man to spend more than eight years in jail. The 31-year-old woman’s husband, who is an eagle, has pleaded not guilty.

Vancouver’s city councillor and veteran racetrack owner Daniel K. Kerr pleaded not guilty at his own court appearance in Surrey, B.C., to causing the death of his three-year-old pooch, a Labrador retri바카라ever named Ein. Kerr, 31, is not allowed to own or control a dog for 12 months after he was found guilty of dangerous driving and failing to keep an animal under its own control. The crash happened on Nov. 3 at the Richmond Circuit Raceway on the west side of Vancouver. On Tuesday the prosecutor was going after another driver in the collision, which killed an 8-month-old lab mix called Marisah. The lawyer representing the dog owner told judgnatyasastra.come Stephen Latham, who is presiding over the case, that Kerr did not own the Labrador retriever.

Vancouver’s mayor announces plans to bring back “dog-friendly” streetcars at Vancouver Island airport (7/8/2014)

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson on Wednesday announced plans to bring back dog-friendly streetcars at Vancouver Island airport that are currently running in all three major airports on the island. He said at a news conference that the new service would be part of a “smaller, broader” reworking of transportation options around the city.

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Vancouver council to vote on chan우리카지노ging its municipal code to mandate “Dog friendly” traffic light poles (7/6/2014)