Doing well by yourself is extremely respectable and

Wildly energetic and so cool it hurts, this action movie has been put together in the style of a colourful movie musical, but with the songs playing in the background. Everything is choreographed to the tunes, as the cars veer across the road dodging bullets fired in sync to the rhythm. And we don’t mind much that there’s not much more to it than that..

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It opens in a ludicrously expansive Bel Air mansion, where naive investor James (Will Ferrell) lives with his shark like fiancee Alissa (Alison Brie), daughter of his boss Martin (Craig T. Nelson). Then as he’s performing a duet with John Mayer at his engagement party, the feds swoop in and arrest James for embezzlement.

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The sports involved in All Star Sports Week are football, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and cross country. Several rosters, including the football and girls and boys basketball teams, already have been announced. Lee said the others would be announced this week and those student athletes would still be honored by their respective schools..

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