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The World University Cyber League 2020 has begun

Tencent Sports wanted to up the competition a little coque iphone 6 bouche bit more in Southeast Asia, following Esports coque iphone 6 plus simpson rapid rise in the region. Obviously, the best option for that is to hold coque huawei p8 a tournament to bring in the best of the best for some healthy competition. With the help of Mineski coque iphone 6s + Global, they done exactly just that, and are now on their final stages of the entire tournament.

The World University Cyber League 2020 started last June 28, coque huawei p20 and featured players from four markets in Southeast Asia. coque iphone 6s plus cora This time around, these players don come from established teams and franchises from their home countries. Instead, they are university sponsored students, as they compete for a prize pool of over US$ 5,000. The Philippines host the SEA qualifiers, through Mineski Global Philippine division and its Youth Esports Program.

Last month, Sony kicked off the PlayStation 5 hype with a bang. Starting off its massive games showcase, the PlayStation 5 announced one of the biggest titles for the next generation: Spider coque iphone 7 fée clochette Man: Miles Morales. The web slinging action adventure game brings back New York City with an all new coque iphone 7 feuille d’or hero, Miles Morales as Spider Man.

However, the tease was just plainly a tease. We don’t know much more about the game besides being a separate game from the original Spider Man. Now, we know just a bit more.

Sony has officially revealed the look of the PlayStation 5’s physical game cases. In a blog post, the company used Spider Man: Miles Morales as an example. Now, we know both the look of the next generation cases and the official box art of the game.

First, the game. The art doesn’t reveal much. However, coque iphone 5s dégrader Miles Morales is wielding what coque iphone 8 qi looks like a lightning punch. Now, we’re not up to coque iphone 6 vs 7 coque personnalisees samsung speed with every aspect of the Marvel multiverse, but we’re fairly sure Spider Man is known for lightning reflexes, not lightning punches. Could this hint at a larger part for Electro, a classic Spidey villain

Secondly, the look of the case. You might remember that the PlayStation 4 cases are brilliantly blue: blue case, blue band on the top. Though the PlayStation 5 will still have blue cases, the band on top is now white, clearly delineating the new games on pack coque iphone 6s silicone retail shelves. Of course, this might not mean much coque iphone 6 motif plume if you’re going for the Digital Edition. What do you think of the change

The PlayStation 5 series is expected to launch coque iphone 6 doigt d’honneur later this year during the holiday season. With the coque iphone 7 imitation marbre amount of details piling up, the next generation of gaming is looking pretty spectacular.

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It’s fair to say that the console wars have begun. Over the past few months, Sony and Microsoft have launched amazing, hype inducing tidbits at the adoring audience of gamers. With both consoles finally getting their individual chances at the spotlight, are you getting the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X

Strangely enough, a surprise contender wants to join the next generation conversation. Earlier last month, KFC Gaming (yes, it’s real) released a teaser video for an upcoming branded console, the KFConsole.

The console is shaped like a KFC chicken bucket, complete with red and white underlights. Sitting close to the bottom, it has the standard disc slot and a power button. Inside, the console sports a “Zinger processor chip clocked at 11GHz.” It has cross platform compatibility and 4K/120fps support.

However, the console’s biggest feature goes beyond gaming. Most of the console’s front is a “chicken chamber,” obviously coque iphone 6s super heros for cooking chicken. It gives another meaning to an overheating gaming machine.

The short teaser video ends with a probably launch date: November 12, 2020.

Now, if you’re hoping to grab your own gaming bucket, the console is likely an elaborate gag. Though the company has not confirmed the console’s legitimacy, it’s unlikely that a modern gaming console can have a huge “chicken chamber.” Next generation consoles are already huge without an oven in them.

That said, KFC has released very real gaming related campaigns in the past. Very recently, the company launched an official island on the coque iphone 5 coque iphone 7 8 pas cher souple batman popular island simulator, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Who knows They might actually launch something on November 12.

If they do, they are in good company. In the past, Razer has also done a similar off brand prank to promote a toaster. However, because of universal demand, the gaming company eventually made a real toaster. KFC might fall into the same trend. We definitely wouldn’t say no to our very own chicken chamber…