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201 Funny Questions to Ask Siri If You Need a Good Laugh

Are you HerAre you humanAre you intelligentAre you kidding meAre you male or femaleAre coque iphone 6 shadowhunters you marriedAre you coque iphone 6s plus dessin anime seriousAre you coque iphone 8 licorne silicone stupidAre you the Dick Tracy watchBeam me up, Scotty!Blah, blah, blah, blah, blahCan I have coque iphone 8 plus violet pastel some moneyCan you beatboxCan you be my designated driverCan you danceCan you driveCan you lend me some moneyCan you rapCan you singCan you time travelDid coque huawei p8 you go to schoolDo blondes have more funDo I look good in coque iphone 7 8 pas cher this dressDo these jeans make me look fatDo you agree with meDo you follow the three laws of roboticsDo you have a boyfriend/girlfriendDo you have any childrenDo you have any petsDo you coque iphone 5 know HAL 9000Do you like chocolateDo you love meDo you sleepDo you think I’m attractiveDo you want to go on a dateDo you want to make outDo you want to play a gameDo you work outDraw me somethingEight ballFind me some hookersFlip a coinGet a jobGet a lifeGive me a pickup lineGood afternoon (say in coque iphone 8 plus flexible the morning)Good morning coque iphone 8 plus devant et arriere (say in the evening)Good night (say in the morning)Guess whatHa ha haHappy BirthdayHappy HanukkahHave you ever coque iphone 8 avec attache been in loveHow are youHow are you feelingHow do I lookHow do you spell many Apple Store geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulbHow much do you costHow much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck woodHow old am IHow old are youHow’s it goingI am tiredI am your fatherI can’t sleepI hate youI have a gambling addictionI have to go to the bathroomI like youI love youI nakedI sleepyI’m drunkI’m happyI’m selling you on eBay!Is it going to rainIs Jon Snow deadIs Santa Claus coque personnalisees samsung realIs there a godKnock knockMake me a sandwichMay the force be with youMerry ChristmasMirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them allNo coque iphone 8 minnie thanksOK, GlassOpen the pod bay doorPick a cardPlay a good songRead me a haikuRead me a poemRepeat after meRock, paper, scissorsRoll a dieScrew youShould I take the blue pill or the red pillShut upSing a songStop it, SiriTake a pictureTake me to your leaderTalk dirty to meTalk coque iphone 7 silicone zelda to meTell me a bedtime storyTell me a coque iphone 8 plus silicone mat bit about yourselfTell me a coque iphone 6 ikks jokeTell me a storyTell me something goodTell me a tongue twisterTesting, testingUp up down down left right left right B A startWhat are you doing nowWhat are you doing laterWhat are you doing tomorrowWhat are you wearingWhat are coque iphone 6s 360 souple youWhat came first, the chicken or the eggWhat did you have for breakfast this morningWhat do coque huawei p20 you look likeWhat do you think about Google NowWhat do you think of AndroidWhat do you think of CortanaWhat do you think of coque iphone 6 nct Steve JobsWhat does Siri meanWhat does the fox sayWhat is 0 divided by 0What is 0 percent tip on 0 dollarsWhat is 1 divided by 0What is 2001: A Space Odyssey aboutWhat is Inception aboutWhat is my nameWhat is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallowWhat is the best computerWhat is the best operating systemWhat is the best smartphoneWhat is the meaning of lifeWhat is the movie Memento aboutWhat is wrong with youWhat is your favorite colorWhat is your favorite drinkWhat is your favorite movieWhat is your favorite songWhat is your mom’s nameWhat is zero divided by zeroWhat should I wear for HalloweenWhat better, Windows or MacWhat the best computerWhat your favorite animalWhat’s newWhat’s so funnyWhat’s the secret of the universeWhat’s upWhat’s your storyWhat’s your problemWhen is the world going to endWhen is your birthdayWhen will the world endWhen will pigs flyWhere are you fromWhere are youWhere did I put my keysWhere do babies come fromWhere does Santa liveWhere do you coque bandouliere iphone 8 liveWhere is Elvis PresleyWhich is the best tabletWho is ELIZAWho is LiamWho is SiriWho is your daddyWho is your best friendWho is your favorite personWho is your least favorite personWho let the dogs outWho made coque iphone 7 souple rose youWho makes the best computerWho you gonna callWho your daddyWho’s on firstWhy am I hereWhy are firetrucks redWhy are you so awesomeWhy did the chicken cross the coque iphone 8 colombie roadWhy do you vibrateWhy don’t I have friendsWhy notWhyWill you marry meWinter is comingYou are an idiotYou are beautifulYou are boringYou are hotYou look sexyYou should go on a dietYou’re a loserYou’re funnyYou’re not the boss of meYou’re smartYou’re worthless..