Braswell reposted the video to Twitter on Wednesday

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Cheap Jerseys from china A video of the encounter went viral on Tuesday after the driver claimed the unidentified customer began the argument after they dropped a package at his house.He alleged the man told police that the delivery men looked like they would break into his house.The video, posted by Antonio Braswell, shows one of the drivers in the middle of an argument with the homeowner, who is also recording the incident on his phone.Braswell reposted the video to Twitter on Wednesday to say he had received a call from FedEx who told him to remove the video and that he had been fired as a result.Scroll down for videoThe video, posted by Antonio Braswell, shows one of the drivers, identified asFelinzay Darnell Lundy, in the middle of an argument with the homeowner, who is also recording the incident on his phone. Braswell claims that he was fired by FedEx after posting this video onlineAntonio Braswell posted to Twitter to claim FedEx asked him to remove the video. The company has confirmed Wednesday that the incident in Georgia is under investigation’I’m reposting this video because people like him doesn’t matter white or any race should never disrespect essential workers putting their lives in jeopardy especially with this COVID 19,’ he wrote.FedEx said the men worked for an independent service provider but would be employed by FedEx while the incident was being investigated.’We are aware of the incident in GA that led to the release of two drivers employed by a service provider,’ FedEx said in a statement posted to Twitter.RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 NextTransgender woman, 24, is cruelly FIRED for posting. Cheap Jerseys from china

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