At the time, Recchi was 37 years old and had gone 13

As the former general manager of the Hurricanes, Rutherford had acquired Mark Recchi and Doug Weight at the 2005 06 trade deadline in similar deals. At the time, Recchi was 37 years old and had gone 13 years since winning his only championship. Weight was 34 and had never won a championship in his 13 years in the league..

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Another deal with tax ramifications was worked out between Miami and Phoenix. The Heat sent Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington to the Suns for Ryan Anderson, helping alleviate the logjam of guards that Miami coach Erik Spoelstra has been dealing with all season plus considerably lowering the Heat expected luxury tax bill. It likely that Ellington will be a buyout candidate, and therefore would be able to pick his own spot to finish the season..

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