“Are you going to be an actress? Why are you wasting

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeAsda and Tesco have followed Morrisons lead and cut forecourt pump prices to under 1 per litre cheap nfl jerseys .Morrisons was the first to reduce unleaded pump prices this week, down to 99.7p per litre for unleaded the first time fuel has been sold for under 1 per litre since February 2016.As expected, its rivals have followed. Both Asda and Tesco are now selling unleaded at no more than 99.9p per litre and diesel at no more than 105.9p per litre.Tesco said: “We’re cutting the price of fuel in our petrol stations to help our customers save money by shopping at Tesco during this challenging time.”Both Morrisons and Asda also said the helping people during the coronavirus pandemic was a motivation for the price drop.Read MoreWhat’s OnallMost ReadMost RecentCoronavirusHuge queues as Starbucks reopens eight branches in the North EastAsda and Tesco join petrol price war and follow Morrisons by dropping pricesPetrol pricesFilling a 55 litre family car is around 7 cheaper than seven weeks ago, as the lockdown has led to a drop in demand for petrolWhere to buy a coronavirus face mask, what else you can use and how to make oneShoppingThe public are now advised to wear face coverings in spaces where social distancing is tougher, like shops and busesStarbucks set to reopen 150 UK stores on May 14 and NHS workers drink for freeCoronavirusAround 15% of Starbucks’ coffee shops will be back open later this weekKFC to open today in Newcastle for drive thru and deliveryCoronavirusUpdate a Newcastle KFC is open but Cowgate’s is still shut, for nowLegoLego artist seeks help to fast track Stephenson’s Rocket to successNorth East artist Steve Mayes hopes his latest creation will get the official Lego approvalSunderland families find arty ideas brighten up lockdown, from glass beads to Tall Ships SunderlandSunderland Culture promises lots more online entertainment to comeGreat Big Parenting Survey: Tell us how you’re living and surviving lockdownParentingCalling all parents. Stop what you’re doing wholesale nfl jerseys from china.