A single point can be operated individually

If the man and woman are both college students, and the woman has been working at a student center, for example, the man knows that she has many friends there. He might, therefore, plan to propose to her there. He might talk to her friends and explain to them what he has planned and then suggest to his girlfriend that the two of them go to the student center because everyone there is planning on watching a movie that night.

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During the assessments, 1.19 crore citizen feedback and over 10 lakh geo tagged pictures were collected and 5,175 solid waste processing plants were visited by 1,210 field assessors. While 698 cities cleared the desktop assessment, 141 cities have been certified with Star Rating during field assessment. The low number of certifications signifies the rigorous and robust certification mechanism of the protocol.In the light of the COVID pandemic, MoHUA has issued detailed guidelines to all states and cities on special cleaning of public places and collection and disposal of bio medical waste from quarantined households.

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