6 billion, depicting a decline of $1

Resurgence of migration, particularly from interprovincial sources, has increased the demand for rental units, resulting in significantly lower vacancy rates and rising rents in Calgary, says James Cuddy, senior analyst, economics at CMHC. Is the second consecutive year of declining vacancy rates, representing a significant tightening of the rental market. Supply in the primary rental market continued to post strong gains in 2018, growing by 3.7 percent.

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Canada Goose Online Dec 08, 2014 11 minute readBruno, a 19 week old bassett hound puppy, calls espy the clothing store his owner Megan Szanik runs his second home in Calgary. Jenn Pierce / Calgary HeraldArticle Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: Calgary’s working class dogs Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentDogs have worked alongside usfor millennia, aiding hunters, farmers, shepherds, police and rescue workers. As the role of canines continues to evolve, dogs are increasingly found at our indoor workplaces, too.Rather than mind sheep or find lost kids, this new generation of shop dogs serves a somewhat different purpose: they calm us down on stressful days, take us outside when we sit too longin front of a computer and make us more sociable.”They’re a real perk,” saysBarbara Walmer, department head of behaviour at the Calgary Humane Society.”People are drawn to pet and interact with dogs, and because animals live in the moment, they help us busy humans slow down, engage in conversation and develop our human relationships.”Walmer often brings a few of her dogs she has three golden retrievers and a papillon to work.Judy recallsone time when she was on a conference call with a prospective client in Eastern Canada. Canada Goose Online

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